Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama the Next President of the United States...

The Democratic National Convention is in full swing.
Last night we heard Hillary Clinton giving her full support to Barack Obama and denouncing John McCain. Yes, we all know its about money and fundraising. But maybe this time, the optimist in me hopes, its there real thing.
I have watched the slow decline of the dollar since Bush has come into office. I have seen the civil rights and liberties, of the American people, thrown away in the name of National Security. I have seen families go from being happy and successful to desperate and poor. The price of gasoline has sky rocketed to over $4 a gallon. The value of houses has plummeted and people are losing their homes. Businesses are collapsing. We are borrowing money from the Chinese to pay for the war in Iraq. The military is being asked to fight but on the same hand their benefits are being denied and even taken away.
Then we get someone like John McCain. Talk about four more years of the same thing. He openly announces that he will ask the youth of America to join the military and fight. He jokes about attacking Iran.
How much more can we take?
I'll be honest. I voted for Hillary. But at the time I knew next to nothing about Barack Obama. But over the past few months he has shown a face that is different from the political clones that have been running for a long time. There are days where it is too expensive for me to go to work. As of late, it costs me $10 a day to drive to and from my job. That's $50 a week just for work alone. Factor in grocery shopping and other errands it can sore to $70 - 90 dollars a week on gas. The price of groceries, basic staples has soared as well. Milk, $3.50 to $4.25 a gallon. Bread $2.50 a loaf. Its insane, and I'm sick of eating Mac and Cheese because we have no money. I am long overdue for a raise and with two babies at home, there are times where is seems as if the whole world is against you. Diapers can get very expensive when you have barely enough money for food and formula.
Its what Obama and the Democrats are promising. I really hope that it is true and not just a campaign.