Thursday, October 2, 2008

Laid Off!!

One can say being laid off from your job is like breaking up with a significant other. You devote your time and energy into this relationship and hope that the benefits out number the downfalls. You wake up in the morning and spend your time with this "person" in the hopes of getting laid. Or in the case of a job the laid would be paid every one to two weeks. (Though in a personal relationship, that may be grounds for "quitting" your job.)
But when your job lays you off rather suddenly, one can only feel a sense of "Wow! I should have seen that coming." Or "Did I do or forget to do something?" Or "I can't believe their just throwing me away like this!"
But that's what happened. Just like in the movie Office Space, it was the fire them on a Friday ploy.

So now, my wife and I are among the unemployeed popping up all over the country. What a time to be unemployed too. No one's hiring and its a constant stress about money and bills and the kids needing to be fed and diapers and formula. Oh, man! what a time!
I'll keep you all posted.