Thursday, February 28, 2008

Reality TV

American Idol
Project Runway
Big Brother
All the Judge shows
America's Next Top Model
Flavor of Love
The Real World

Do I have to go on?
That's all thats on TV now a days. Yeah, I know that the writer's strike had alot to do with it, but this beats all. There are a few of these shows that are any good. The rest are just plain garbage. I mean, come on! Flavor of Love?! Its trash. He's supposedly looking for the love of his life...every season. The Bachelor? The Bachlorette? Junk.
I have a great idea for a Reality TV series. Lock seven people in a rooms with TV's that show nothing but reality crap and see how long it takes before they kill each other.
I'll call it The Real World : Murder Box.

Its TV like this that makes me thankful for Playstation, XBox, books, an outdoors, etc. Who's up for a game of Halo 3?

Monday, February 25, 2008

DoomsdayVault/Chrono Trigger

Read this article first...

Now, doesn't that sound a little familiar? Like an part of an old Super Nintendo Game called Chrono Trigger?

After WW3, sometime in the future, a valiant group is sent to recover the seeds.

They face a number of puzzles and eventually have to defeat the Guardian of the facility to complete their quest.

Only to find that something has gone wrong a long time ago.
Only one seed of HOPE survives. Will that be enough?

Now drive off in your hovercar...

$3.25 and Up for Gas!

This morning I stopped at a local convenience store to get some gas. I got to reminiscing about the days when my $20.00 would fill up my car AND allow me to purchase other things like, coffee or food or whatever. Now $20.00 gives me a paltry 6.15 gallons of gas. Meaning, in my 30 mile a day to and from work I will use up approximately 2 gallons of that twenty dollar "fill up" a day, making have to refill around a day and a half later, if I don't want to take it down to empty.
I don't believe that I have filled up my gas tank to full ever since gas has gone to $3.00 and up. It has to do with seeing $50 on the gas pump that would most likely freak me out to the point I'd probably begin shouting at the machine, fruitlessly, and my last string of sanity would finally break, sending me into a downward spiral of rage that would most likely end up on the 5 o'clock news, showing my car on the highway being chased by the police and helicopters.
The news says that the price is only going to escalate as the summer wears on. Personally, I find it more than coincidental that the prices have gone up around the time tax refunds are going out. And I guarantee that they will be going up when this $600 rebate hits the mail around the end of May.