Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Leave it to me to be the last one on the internet to have a blog. Even though, technically, for the past 10 years Dark Truths has been a blog-of-sorts. I tried the whole blog thing a few years ago and didn't really like the format. Then there would be the occasional idiot who would flame the site and I'd end up getting so ticked off I'd say "To Hell with the whole thing." and that would be that. Not that I let others win out, I just find that now I have more pressing issues to contend with than chasing after an idiot who attacks in prose. That is where administrative editing comes in.
But, to make a long story short, this will be the new blog for Dark Truths. Post, if you like. Nothing has really changed except for the venue. I still accept stories and poetry for the website. This is just a format that will be alot easier for me to post into if something comes to mind.


Anonymous said...

Truthfully, I was always against blogs as well. But ever since I met my future wife on blogger during Sept. 2005 I changed my view.

Blogs in general are like other forms of technology - they can be used for good or evil. Most of them are stupid, but it is the current form of public communication, so we might as well embrace it.

R.A.W. said...

i think all blogs are stupid except for the ones i choose to post comments on.