Thursday, October 11, 2007

The World Is Being Run By Morons

Ok. What she did was just plain stupid. I'll give you that. But why is is now that we have to think about what we are wearing before we go anywhere. Have our basic freedoms been whittled away to this already? They can tap our phone lines without prejudice, they can tell us what we can and cannot do, they can treat us like terrorists in the name of "National Security" and there is nothing that we can do about it. Just get back in line and shut the hell up.
A bomber who is motivated to do an atrocity like 9/11 isn't going to walk up to a customer service attendant and ask when the next flight is due. They did not need to use the level of force that they did on her. And I feel this is just another media tactic to keep people scared and compliant.

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Anonymous said...

I was forced to unstrap and unpack my laptop at numerous airports since this new "incident".

It seems as anytime there is an "incident" (matches in shoes, liquid container in England, fake laptop) the TSA/Homeland Security adds it to the list of inconveniences for the regular traveler in this country.

Osama is not going to standing on line, folks.

All detection scans should be automatic, and the traveler should not have to remove their shoes, hats, or belts anymore. They should not have to discard toothpaste or bottled water before boarding.

One person can't take over a plane anymore.

Having a clearly "fake bomb" is very humorous to me. I'm tired of the TSA giving American citizens a hard time, when they SHOULD have given Mohammed Ata and his friends a hard time.

Perhaps if the TSA and other airport security officials/custom agents were more polite and friendly and used COMMON SENSE instead of suspecting everyone is a terrorist, I wouldn't mind the inconveniences. Who likes to be treated like a criminal?

I've still yet to read a news article about any non-Middle Eastern person trying to blow up a plane in the US since 9/11.

Security officials at airports should have advanced walk-though technologies, plus a database containing traveler's air flight history. Those travelers from the Middle-East should be flagged for a closer look, and that's it.

Politically correctness be damned.

R.A.W. said...

I think the story in Boston involving the guerilla marketing campaign for aqua teen hunger force was even more rediculous.
The chief of police basically paniced the whole city over some lighted circutboards of Ignignokt giving the finger.
they were arrested of course for their "irresponsible behavior"
and these two 20-something dudes joked and made fun of the press they were getting during a conference as the stern reporters critisized them for "not taking this seriously !"
but how can anybody.

The cartoon network issued apologies but of course no apologies were issued by the bed-wetting chief of police or the fear-mongering media for creating a panic in the city of boston.

Who is really to blame for creating an irrational level of fear in society if not the authorites and the hyperventilating media?