Saturday, July 19, 2008

Back Pain!

You never realize how much you take your back for granted until is goes out on you. For the past week I've been in such excruciating pain that walking, sitting and even doing simple tasks around the house and office are next to impossible.
Enter the chiropractor.
It was the first time that I had ever been to a chiropractor, so at first I was a bit apprehensive. But a spasm in my lower back quickly changed my mind and I scheduled the appointment.
Upon examination it was determined that my spine was in fact okay. The problem was coming from my sacroiliac. I was told to lie down, on my stomach, on what seemed to look like a massage therapy table. The doctor proceeded to place an electrode on the affected muscle. As I lay on the platform with the electrode zapping my lower back muscle, it was amazing to feel the muscles just seem to melt into relaxation mode. I was left to cook for about 15 - 20 minutes. I could really tell how long because I nearly fell asleep.
The doctor then returned and after removing the electrode, began preforming stretching exercises on my limbs. A leg pulled here, while the arms are pulled the other way. My head was quickly turned left, and then turned the other way again, to produce the loudest bone crack that I have ever heard. Then I was told to stand.
It is safe to say that I was a bit apprehensive about standing. After all, I had already gone through a week with this pain that I sort of knew what to expect. But upon returning to my feet it was a shock to find that the pain was gone and I could stand up straight! For the rest of the day it was as if I just had a mild throb in my back. And that was bearable.
Now, I won't kid you and say that I am totally healed. The pain has returned. But its as if my mental attitude toward it has changed. Its become tolerable. And I can take that until its gone.

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R.A.W. said...

ive never been to a chiropractor.
but if i ever need one, im going to your guy.
be sure to give me his card.
i threw my lower back out lifting weights once a few years ago and the pain was something else.
i just had to remain in a lying down position for about 2 days before I could even walk properly.
it was quite an experience.
it would have been useful for me to know a good chiropractor during that time.