Friday, July 11, 2008


I took a long look at the site over the past few weeks of not having anything else to do but studying and caring for a 2 year old and a 1 month old. Some MAJOR cleanups are in store for the next few weeks. Dead links here, old styles there. I have stuff that has needed attention for over 10 years here! Remember that this site has been up since 1998. That's alot of HTML3 hiding here and there.
I've also resumed biking. The mountain bike has pretty much been an on again off again thing with me over the past 20 years or so. But I've been waking up everyday at 6 AM to get my daily 10 miles in. Its something new and out of the norm for me. We'll see how it goes.
Programming is also something new for me. Even though I took programming in college and then all my jobs afterward were anything but computer related, I feel I'm playing catch-up. I basically have to cram 4 years of college level computer programming into about 6 months. Major fun! Python, MySQL, PHP and Linux all at the same time. Programming can be a real challenge with a two year old trying to get at the keyboard.
The cost of gas has also really left us in a pinch as well. The highest I've seen it so far is $4.25 for regular. I'm looking into alternative means of transportation. Who knows, if gas gets upto $5.00 a gallon I just may have to start biking to work again. Or maybe get a motorcycle...hmmm...
But in the meantime the site will be getting an overhaul for the next few weeks. If you all have any ideas feel free to chime in. I could use them.
And by the way...please support my bid for President. Thank you.


R.A.W. said...


dont kill yourself with all the stuff youre doing man,
make sure to take a day off if you need one.
do yourself a favor and just set aside just one day where you do nothing.

like the new "Dark Truths" title font, it looks very X-filesy.
it also looks like you should have a section discussing conspiracy theories or something.
maybe something to consider because it would fit well with the name and new look of your site.

as far as programming is concerned, i think what is really needed here is that thing from the matrix that plugs in the back of peoples heads, so new knowledge can be assimilated quickly.

just a big headrush and you open your eyes astonished just like keanu reeves and say...

"i know python!"

best of luck with your presidential run.
its good to see that youve finally thrown your hat into the ring.

hopefully i will soon have a site of my own site up, if i ever start getting to work on it.

DamianHospital said...

I like the new format, Ralph.

RAW, copy his code. Just right click and View Page Source.