Monday, August 11, 2008

This Just Found On The Internet...

In what appears to officials as a case of “unprovoked rage” is now seen by others as a “zombie attack”. After the July 30th multiple stabbing attack of seatmate Tim McLean by Vince Weigaung Li, he severed his head and began to “consume his flesh” as heard by leaked Canadian Police tapes that made their way onto You Tube.

No memorial service has been announced at this time for McLean who has been described as “quiet, polite and kind”.

Vince Weiguang Li, 40, is led into the Manitoba Provincial Court in Portage La Prairie on Friday


r.a.w. said...

what i dont understand is how this guy managed to kill this other guy, then cut off his head, and show it to everybody, and then after that eat parts of the guy he just killed in front of eyewitnesses.

it seems like it would take a while to do all of that, it seems like there would have had to be some kind of struggle, and a lot of noise too.

but nobody stopped him before he was able to do all of this?

nobody stopped him when he killed somebody.
nobody stopped him from what he was doing as he was cutting the head off.
nobody interrupted him while they watched him eat another person that he just killed.

I dont get it.

and I wonder what kind of excuse his lawyer is going to make up to thy to defend this guy.

dt said...

Its probably one of those cases where people are in such a state of shock that this is happening that they just stand around watching in dumb-deer-in-the-headlights fashion.