Thursday, October 2, 2008

Laid Off!!

One can say being laid off from your job is like breaking up with a significant other. You devote your time and energy into this relationship and hope that the benefits out number the downfalls. You wake up in the morning and spend your time with this "person" in the hopes of getting laid. Or in the case of a job the laid would be paid every one to two weeks. (Though in a personal relationship, that may be grounds for "quitting" your job.)
But when your job lays you off rather suddenly, one can only feel a sense of "Wow! I should have seen that coming." Or "Did I do or forget to do something?" Or "I can't believe their just throwing me away like this!"
But that's what happened. Just like in the movie Office Space, it was the fire them on a Friday ploy.

So now, my wife and I are among the unemployeed popping up all over the country. What a time to be unemployed too. No one's hiring and its a constant stress about money and bills and the kids needing to be fed and diapers and formula. Oh, man! what a time!
I'll keep you all posted.


r.a.w. said...

Im out there looking and it sucks,
mostly online though.

which allows me to sleep into the wee hours of the afternoon, roll out of bed without an alarm clock and watch old mst3k reruns on youtube and google video.
(link enclosed)

the only problem is Im gonna need some money soon and Im just prayin like hell for the unemployment check to come in and save the day.

Like I said, it sucks hard.
but now I finally have the time to back up all my old 10 year old phil hendrie tapes to a hard drive via audacity.

so I guess there's an upside to everything.

Ill keep you posted on my progress as well, and light a candle of hope for all of us at "tashman" technologies.

DT said...

Good to hear from a fellow former "Tashman" employee. Yeah, man this totally blows.
As for those Phil Hendrie tapes, cann you burn me a copy? I love those things.

r.a.w. said...

Sure thing -
but its gonna take a while.
there's gonna be like 20-30 cd's by the time im done.
Im just getting started and Im already up to 5GB of space.
Im saving them As WAV files to get good quality because these are old audio tapes,and Im going through plastic bags of old unlabeled tapes to find everything ive got before it deteriorates further.
I was a major Hendrie fan way back when and for a few years I used to tape the show.
The political show he does now sucks but back in the day when hendrie was funny he did some real classic stuff.
Over the years, some stuff has been lost, some stuff has been broken, some stuff is kind of muddy sounding, but as Im transferring this stuff to WAV files, with some minor adjustments it sounds pretty good in this format.
Ill be happy to make copies for everybody when this project is finished.

Anonymous said...

Any interviews yet guys?

r.a.w. said...

sending out applications.
not heard back from anyone.
(insert william shatner or adam west impersonation here)

must... keep... trying...!

Anonymous said...

Did u do temp agencies yet?

How about Florida's official site:

DT said...

Nothing yet. I have an interview with Bank of america later this week. So there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Hopefully its not a train.
I'll keep you informed.

Anonymous said...

Bank of America will be our new masters and the last remaining bank in America, so good choice.

R.A.W. said...


How about a new post already.
Im out there looking for work and it sucks, there is not much out there worth doing. but my unemployment checks have not run out yet.
thank god for it.

How are you doing?
Did you find something?
Im trying to get in at the post office, but its tough.
I keep applying for every position they have open and waiting to hear back from them.

Let everybody know how youre doing.
put up a new post or something.
Or at least leave comments on my or Damian's blog.\

Let everybody know that youre still alive.