Friday, November 13, 2009

The End

This is it.
Its the post that I've been dreading for sometime but knew it would eventually come down to. For sometime now Dark Truths has been slipping from the ranks of internet stories forums. Whether its due to a changing society or my time being more devoted to family and a small business, is not the reason, though they do play a key role. I am just not that same dark hearted horror fanatic that I was over 12 years ago when, in a college website building class in Pennsylvania, I began Dark Truths.
Things change.
People change.
Ideals change.
Everything changes.
What have I learned from all of this?
I found that I can be content with life as an artist. I've learned I love to create from scratch. I've learned that raising kids can be an exciting and even more scary than the most horrific movie. (Let anyone who thinks different try their hand at their child with a 103 degree fever racing to a hospital at 3 in the morning.)
I guess in hosting the Dark Truth Ezine for 12 years, I've discovered the Light Truth as well.
In the end you can have everything you want. It just takes a lot of work, sweat, tears, sometimes blood and persistence. But you can make it.
Just never give up.
Never let failure bar your way, its just a temporary setback.
Always keep moving forward.

The web domain name Dark Truths will be allowed to perish. But the archive at will remain active as a library of work from those who have contributed over the years. Thank you for the stories and poetry and commentary over the years.
If I have to leave you with any words of wisdom besides those I've left already, it would be to love eachother. Don't let petty bickering of mundane ideals or material possessions cause hatred to grow in your hearts. Leave no place for hatred to take root. Stamp it out. No peace is worth loss of liberty. Fight for it with your last dying breath.
Good night and God Bless You All.


Anonymous said...


R.I.P Dark Truths

R.A.W. said...

Just like my job, I would quit blogging as well if I had anything else of substance to move on to - but I dont.

such is life.