Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Last year when I played McDonald's Monopoly online I noticed a bug. When you entered a code and the site crashed, your code became lost and unusable. After a year you think they would have fixed this issue.
Their website is still very twitchy and prone to crashes, and its funny how if you enter a invalid code it picks it up right-a-way. But, if the code is valid and you have to sign in, sometimes the screen just hangs forcing you to have to close out and start over hoping you code wasn't entered. Another catch are the coupon codes they tell you to enter. Now tell me, how can you enter a 12 digit code in a 10 digit slot? Am I doing something wrong? Or has McDonald's duped us all again?


DamianHospital said...

I'm sure McDonald's technical support is right on fixing it, too. This is another scam by a major corporation. With all the money they make PER DAY, they should give you prizes for free without uses a frustrating, stupid interface on a slow server, which can't take full code keys, and is rigged to keep the working man down.

Dark Truths said...

James from Non Sequiter said it best last year;


I just returned from Mc Donalds (one of three in my town), and found myself a little peaved about this whole Monopoly thing. First off I don’t like Mc Donalds, and really never have. If you have children, then in all likely hood you will wind up there at some point. Here’s what I have found with this whole Monopoly craze Mc Donalds has created. Again this is my personal opinion. The contest is sparked by heavy promotion through the media, and naturally a buzz is created to spark the interest of the public. Afterall Monopoly itself has always been a very popular game in households throughout the US for years. Afterall who hasn’t owned or played this game. So they create this buzz, and the game starts off pretty good with plenty of game pieces to go around. You get a couple of the pieces that match, and naturally start thinking what if I got the third. So you return to Mc Donalds thinking to yourself, ” if I order two value meals, I should recieve a total of six game pieces”. So you pull up get your meal (one that you really didn’t want in the first place). When you pull over to get your game pieces out, low and behold there are none. So you go in to ask about the game pieces, and guess what, a week in to the contest they are out. This happens every year. You start wondering to yourself, ” why are the signs still posted”, or “why they did not mention anything about this, before I ordered “. Now to make it worse, you are stuck with a bunch of food you really didn’t want. You start wondering to yourself, “how can they be out already”? For me it’s simple it’s gotta be one of two things, if not both. My first thought is that Mc Donalds creates a limited supply of game pieces intentionally to decrease any chances of winning. My second thought is that the employees are hoarding the game pieces. I don’t think they are blatantly taking them, but I do think they shell out extra pieces to friends and family members. So the next time you drive by Mc Donalds two weeks later, you don’t see any Monopoly promotions. So out of curiosity, you ask about the game, and guess what? The game has ended as fast as it began, and you are stuck with North Carolina Avenue, Pacific Avenue, and a clogged artery. Here is my personal take on this. By creating this buzz, Mc Donalds makes a huge amount of money in a short time. This is from loyal fast food junkies, and from suckers like me who got roped in by the combination of kids, and promotions. The odds are already stacked against you from the beginning. By ending the promotion quickly, they not only generate millions of dollars in a short amount of time, but they decrease the chances of winning even more, because there are less pieces in circulation. From an advertising standpoint it is perfect scheme. To the consumer like myself it is a perfect scam. As if we needed another reason to dislike Mc Donalds. When all is said and done, and the contest is over. How many people do you here about that actually won anything substantial? The answer is none. Not the loyal customers. Not the Suckers like myself. Not the hoarding employees. There is only one winner, and that is Mc Donalds. Mission accomplished.

Comment by James — November 3, 2006 @ 10:57 am

DamianHospital said...

Sorry to sound antagonistic, but why is everyone surprised that this is a corporate scam? I understand the cost of living is hard for everyone, especially trying to raise kids, but why waste time, energy, and frustration in trying to strike gold online? At best, maybe you'll get a free milk shake.

Dark Truths said...

Hey, a free milk shake or burger or fries would be an honest give away at least. Instead of filling everyones hopes about being the next millionaire from a burger wrapper.

R.A.W. said...

i have no comment on this.
im just posting this one for no reason.