Wednesday, January 23, 2008


that in this day and age of high technology, where anyone can reach anyone at anytime and anywhere, there are those few people in areas of business that do not answer emails, respond to phone calls, or check their voice mail. In this time sensitive day and age its is just inconceivable that people would do that. Call it irresponsibility or just plain ineptitude. Personally, I've about had it. Even though there is really nothing that can be done besides get the person into trouble and then if its not their fault you end up being the bad guy and depending on what the business is it throws that into jeopardy.
Gotta love the modern age!


Anonymous said...

100% agree. This is LME (Lazy Man Ethics) to the max.

People only return e-mails or phone call messages when it concerns them.

Sure, an unskilled segment of the population still has problems with accessing voice mail or using e-mail. But if you are dealing with someone in the business or service industry, and they still can't return a call, it's very pathetic.

Granted, they may have a reason- no time, an overloaded casework, no replacement- but it's no excuse. The powers that be need to change the system before innocent people like you become.......



R.A.W. said...

I would like to offer an alternative perspective on this matter as to why people tend to ignore lines of communication-

The other side of the coin :

I think we all know people of the other extreme,
and the cell phone they are almost constantly on.
they usually have nothing to say.

I get calls from these people, as we all do.

They are often talking to two people at once because they always need to be on the phone,
so in the middle of a conversation suddenly they will blurt out "yeah gimmie a large fries and a chocolate shake to go with that."

and ill say -


they say
"sorry bro i was just going thru the drive thru,
you were saying?"
and I realize that while I was responding to what they asked me, I wasn't even being listened to.
because thats how these people are.

They call to ask you about something, and are too busy talking to somebody else to hear the answer to the question they asked.
This is because real communication is of no interest to them,
they just always need to be on the phone.
There should be a name for this syndrome so it can be diagnosed and these people can be treated.
I sense that it comes from a deep fear of feeling like they are all alone in this world - but instead of dealing with it and confronting it -

they just get the clip on earpiece and go thru life looking like a schizophrenic talking to themselves no matter where they go.
Direct face to face communication with your fellow human beings is now a thing of the past.
welcome to the modern age.

even while watching a movie in a theater,
their phone will ring and they'll say
"aw nothin, just watching this movie, whats up wit choo?"
as if they are sittng in their own living room at home.
These people should be tazered immediately by one of the employees of the establishment right there in the theater.

That would end all of this.

I for one am guilty of leaving my phone off most of the time.
because i dont want some annoying ringing device that requires my attention while im driving, running errands, or working.

many people try to get in touch with me
and sometimes friends say im a hard guy to reach - but thats the way it is, I guess im selfish.

I check the messages, in case its important but thats about it.

I think this all started long ago with the answering machine, when lazy people everywhere decided they wanted a machine to answer their phone for them.

Next it was caller id -
so we could ignore every phone call from a number we dont recognize
(probably a telemarketer anyway)

Emails ? forget it.
most are just ads and spam.
we have no choice but to become conditioned to ignore the ads to make our penis bigger or solicitations for help from various members of pseudo-royalty from the african continent.
and therefore are more likely to ignore the legitimate email from the real human beings we know and love as well.

Now weve got wireless internet access on phones, laptops, and blackberries so we can ignore communications from anywhere 24 hours a day.

welcome to the brave new world of constant mass communication.

In the extreme case, the average person can feel almost assaulted by advertisements, telemarketers, and spam
all these little hands reaching up for you-
gimmie gimmie gimmie !
all they want is some of your money.

all these lines of communication that have been exploited by advertisers and scammers
have created an environment where the first reaction is to ignore it or delete it, because its probably nothing important.
This is just people adapting to society in a futile attempt to remain focused and sane.

Currently there are public service announcements and billboards on the highway because people now have to be told not to text-message while driving.

My first reaction is shock that anybody would be stupid enough to do this, and my second reaction is that this explains everything about why some people are driving the way that they are,
as they are busy texting or checking their email while driving a car.
(these people should also be tazered.)

All this technology designed to keep us in touch
has made us take the few real people for granted as they can sometimes get lost in the shuffle of advertisements, telemarketers, spam, and scams.

Of course I agree that this obviously this cant be done in business, because deadlines are crucial and peoples jobs are on the line, the pressure is on -
but it is the way many people live their personal lives, and it inevitably transfers into other areas.

Many a day I have left the cellphone off and the lan-line phone unplugged when I am in need of some peace and quiet so I can rest.
(no doubt the lack of sleep is from staying up until the wee hours of early morning screwing around on the internet.)

yes, this is the modern age.

the brave new world of constant mass communication.

god help us all.

Dark Truths said...

I totally agree with you r.a.w. Just this morning as I was coming to work I was passed by a green and white car whose occupant was gabbering away on his cell phone, barely paying any attention to the cars he was trying to pass. What made it even more amazing was that this person was a claims representative for Geico.
The Geico decal and phone number was a sure give away.
I was almost tempted to call that number and report his wreckless behavior. But I didn't.
Because that would have involve me having to talk to a real person or a machine and give them MY information, or be on hold for how ever long a time, just to rat on this JACKBALL, and raise my blood pressure as I'm given the runaround just so my complaint can be written up and possibly thrown into the garbage can at Geico corporate, and then I'd start receiving junkmail from Geico every week trying to get me to switch.
Damn it!
Now I am pissed off!

Anonymous said...

Let's start over.

R.A.W. said...

its too late to start over -

there is no escape.