Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

To all those who care out there in the great expanse known as the internet, I am still alive. I've just been either too busy with two jobs, two kids and no sleep to post anything or I've been bummed out with the way the economy has gone.
Some quick updates...
I am no longer unemployed. I am working for a printing company and a well known arts and crafts store doing custom framing.
I am overjoyed at the victory of Barack Obama as the United States new President, and I am very pissed off that someone stole my Obama/Biden sticker from off my back window.
I am ecstatic over the price of gasoline being at a record $1.69 per gallon.
I am painting murals again and loving it.
Hmmm...what else?
Pretty much I am just waiting until this economic crisis blows over. But the company with me in that boat is so full its about to capsize!
Nice to hear from those of you who care enough to post something.
Congrats to Damian for hitting the 10 year mark at Tashman.
Or something like that.
But for now. Its off to bed for some much needed sleep.


Damian said...

VERY happy you are still alive and doing excellent!!!'

I noticed your bumper-sticker, too.

R.A.W. said...

working 2 jobs sucks.
I hope they are not both full time jobs, that can burn anybody out, but thats still better than where im at with no job whatsoever.
I hope I dont have to end up doing that to meet my expenses.

Im still collecting unemployment and not working.
filling out applications, etc.
Im glad gas is down at least.
all of the sudden i was able to fill up my car from for like fifteen bucks-

real nice feeling, i couldnt believe it.

people say its gone down because of supply and demand but I think its because Bush and his cronies let the oil companies get away with whatever they wanted to, he is on his way out and the oil companies wanting to avoid investigation for their manipulation of oil prices, see the handwriting on the wall with the election of Obama and have started lowering their prices to avoid getting in trouble.

just a theory, i cant prove it.

I hope things get better for "tashman", for myself, and for everybody else.

If you know of any opportunities to get employed somewhere that is hiring let me know.

Well, back to the search for work for me.

the struggle continues.

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youre cooler than prostate cancer. said...

youre cooler than prostate cancer

Tom Lloyd said...

Rosebud, Montana
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