Friday, March 27, 2009

A long time gone...

Here I am sitting under the Starbucks Coffee sign at a local Barnes and Noble waiting for my wife to pick me up from after work. Nothing much has really changed in the past few months, save for the new job. But I think the purpose of things has changed a bit.
Let me explain. Before we got laid off, we went to work everyday. It was part of our routine. Get up, eat breakfast, take a shower, drive to work, work, go to lunch, work, drive home from work, eat dinner, watch some T.V./surf internet, go to bed.
Now, after the lay off, we do the same routine, but it seems like there is this level of mistrust of our employers. We are in an era where we can be fired for any reason. We live in a state where employers do not have to give a reason for terminating you.
Sucks really badly.
Anyway, Watchmen came and went. I thought it was really good. A bitlong in places but really good. I really cannot wait for Star Trek and Wolverine: Origins to come out.


R.A.W. said...


I thought you were done blogging for good.
I just got a job and am also paranoid that I could lose it, especially after that telemarketing experience.

My Guest Blogger Tuco Ramirez says that the economy is run by a bunch of bastards, and I must admit some level of agreement with him.

I miss the old place, but life goes forward nothing anybody can do about it.

Who knows what the future will bring?

Whats with the picture of the boat?

dt said...

Its a lonely state of the world we're in right now. The boat symbolizes that sense of isolation.

Congrats on the new job though!

R.A.W. said...

its in the photo department at walgreens.

theres a lot to learn its kind of demanding especially when things are busy and ive also got to work the register.

the pay is not that good, its like 8.50 an hour but ive just started.

where are you working at?

are you still working 2 jobs?

thats kinda rough for anybody.
weve all got to get by, thats just the way it is, I dont know who to blame.

I dont have to drive far its on hallandale beach blvd, pretty uch where I already live so there is no dealing with I-95 traffic at least.

I could walk or drive a bike there if in needed to so its not all bad.

Im just happy to have a job and hope i keep it.

these are desperate times indeed.
I just hope to keep it.

any free day you have off give me a call.

dt said...

Good to hear you got a job. We've all seen the pay cuts lately I guess. Yes, still working 2 jobs. One Mon to Friday and one Sat and Sun. Leaves almost no time for free time. And its maddening. But we have to do it until things get better. It all seems like returning to a sense of civilization after the war is over and everything has been destroyed. Life goes on but theres that sense of shock.
Keep in touch bro.

Dami said...

Watchmen/Star Trek thoughts?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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R.A.W. said...

Joe Anastasio is dead.
I remember you had certain things that you knew of that he did that you said he could get in big trouble for.

in typical dailyskew fashion, as d did a post about it they talked about him in a very positive light.

Im not glad that anybody is dead but this guy was a liar who put his name on work that I did in the log in order to stay "number one" in terms of production.

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this matter in perhaps a new post if you could find the time.

R.A.W. said...

Ignore the last thing i posted.
after reading it, I realize I am being too petty.

somebody is dead after all, maybe its best to say only positive things.