Monday, July 6, 2009


In light of the past month and the amount of deaths that have occurred, I feel compelled to post something.
Most memorials will tend to post the good side of a persons life. This biased outlook is geared at remembrance versus condemnation. Yet there are those that choose to tear apart those who have passed. I choose not to do so. Who am I to judge?
All the reporters who say that Michael Jackson was a molester, never report that he was never convicted of the crime, and yet they continue to accuse him. I may have butted heads with someone who has passed, but I will never berate him. The truth is we will never know what happens in a persons life to shape them into the people they become.
The moral to life is to never judge.
These lights have been forever extinguished. And the world has grown a little sadder.


Michael Jackson
Farrah Fawcett
Billy Mays
Ed McMahon
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R.A.W. said...

Admittedly, I initially believed the allegations of child molestation against M.J. years ago because the man was not straight, not gay, didnt live with anyone of an adult persuasion but loved to have kids sleep over at his house.

So back when these allegations were being made i believed them because it didnt make sense to me any other way.

He was found innocent and therefore there was a lack of evidence, so I must admit now that the poor guy probably was not guilty.

The day he died I was at work, all day long customers were coming in saying "Is Michael Jackson dead?"
and I thought, how am I supposed to know?

I told people that I dont own a tv or listen to the radio so I am out of the loop on this one.

For whatever reason a lot of people were affected by this.

M.J.'s peak was in the 80's when fame was a different thing then it is now.

with the age of reality television and youtube showing people at their worst, as well as the increasing tabloid style of the mainstream media the only fame that Mike had in later days was based on him resembling something of a sideshow freak.

Its not comepletley his fault, Its clear he was a wealthy superstar surrounded by hangers on and enablers instead of professionals within the psychological community who could have given him some of the help that he needed.

The doctors who performed that type of plastic surgery on him should lose their medical lisences for doing so.

Unfortunately people want to see the crash and burn, like they do when they slow down on the highway to look at the wreck on the side of the road.

the only reason I put up on my blog what Chris Rock had to say about Michael Jackson is because i thought it was funny.

I though and M.J. post would get some hits but really didnt know what to say.

For years Michael tried to make a comeback in a much different world that existed in the 80's and unfortunately could only find an interested audence because of what hes done to his face, the way he puts masks on his children and holds them out of balcony windows, and of course questions about his relationships with children.

He of course wanted to be the star that he used to be and would try putting out a comeback album or launching a new world tour but people were not interested in him for that anymore and would get record lows in sales.

Ironically, his death has been his comeback.

Michael Jackson albums are probably now being bought by millions of people and in death he gets the respect and fame that he has been trying to get back for the last 20 years.

and of course I also reiterate my earlier statment made as a comment on your last post regarding the death of all people in general -

"I realize I am being too petty. somebody is dead after all, maybe its best to say only positive things."

DailySkewCoFounder said...

Amen, Dark Truths