Monday, February 25, 2008

$3.25 and Up for Gas!

This morning I stopped at a local convenience store to get some gas. I got to reminiscing about the days when my $20.00 would fill up my car AND allow me to purchase other things like, coffee or food or whatever. Now $20.00 gives me a paltry 6.15 gallons of gas. Meaning, in my 30 mile a day to and from work I will use up approximately 2 gallons of that twenty dollar "fill up" a day, making have to refill around a day and a half later, if I don't want to take it down to empty.
I don't believe that I have filled up my gas tank to full ever since gas has gone to $3.00 and up. It has to do with seeing $50 on the gas pump that would most likely freak me out to the point I'd probably begin shouting at the machine, fruitlessly, and my last string of sanity would finally break, sending me into a downward spiral of rage that would most likely end up on the 5 o'clock news, showing my car on the highway being chased by the police and helicopters.
The news says that the price is only going to escalate as the summer wears on. Personally, I find it more than coincidental that the prices have gone up around the time tax refunds are going out. And I guarantee that they will be going up when this $600 rebate hits the mail around the end of May.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, Obama will do something about our oil dependency. (I know Hillary can be bought off by ExxonMobil.)

I understand your frustration. I purposely live close to work, and only drive when mandatory to save on gas. It kills the social life, and "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", that's for sure.

R.A.W. said...

Fifty dollars or more to fill up?

yeah, thats a reason to go postal.
just you wait, that might happen someday
i can see it all now,

"Breaking story :
disgruntled local man becomes enraged after seeing price tag on gas pump,
screams and commits acts of physical assault to several passers by,
ending with a wild police chase and three fatalities.
we will have more details on this shocking story as we get them"

Yes - it's true.

Maybe were headed for some kind of mad-max scenario,
I remembered thats how I felt during the time of hurricane Wilma -
tank on e, driving station to station and seeing those plastic bags over the gas handles with hand written signs in magic marker on the uninhabited station doors saying "NO GAS".

Well meaning environmental types cant just tell people to use less gas,
there have to be realistic alternatives that dont include riding a bicycle.

E85, biodiesel, hydrogen, electricity, ethanol,
just give us anything and if it works we might try it.
The options already exist.
its time for everybody to get serious, and just get it out there.

but of course, that would require some kind of federal intervention and we all know which industries the federal government relies on for funding - so this problem will probably continue to exist until all political parties are publicly financed.

yep, looks like were all in trouble all right.

theyve really got us.

if only life were more like the flintstones where we could just stick our feet thru a hole in the bottom of the car and with a good running start get it going to full speed.

Dark Truths said...

Sadly r.a.w. the way the world is,nothing ever gets done until an extreme circumstance occurs. By that I mean one or more of the following:
~A large number of fatalities (911)
~Riots in the streets and/or marches on political headquarters (usually happens in foreign countries)
~Physical removal of public officials from office by use of extreme methods (once again, usually happens in foreign countries)
~Act of God (Hurricane Wilma)
~Wealth Humanitarian (none come to mind)
~War (a real war, not this never-ending excuse thats going on now)
In all actuality, I see none of those in the near future, being that you average American is generally spineless and will take whatever is being dealt to him/her as long as it doesn't affect Must-See-TV schedules.

R.A.W. said...

i condsider fifty dollars to fill up an extreme circumstance,
even though it is becoming common.