Monday, February 25, 2008

DoomsdayVault/Chrono Trigger

Read this article first...

Now, doesn't that sound a little familiar? Like an part of an old Super Nintendo Game called Chrono Trigger?

After WW3, sometime in the future, a valiant group is sent to recover the seeds.

They face a number of puzzles and eventually have to defeat the Guardian of the facility to complete their quest.

Only to find that something has gone wrong a long time ago.
Only one seed of HOPE survives. Will that be enough?

Now drive off in your hovercar...

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DamianHospital said...

Yes, that is 100% like Chrono Trigger.

I CANNOT wait for the last survivors of World War III to try and swim/boat to the Arctic to get those seeds.

Not to mention trying to open up the vault.

Or bringing those seeds back to the land.

Such false hope.

Great Twilight Zone episode.