Thursday, February 28, 2008

Reality TV

American Idol
Project Runway
Big Brother
All the Judge shows
America's Next Top Model
Flavor of Love
The Real World

Do I have to go on?
That's all thats on TV now a days. Yeah, I know that the writer's strike had alot to do with it, but this beats all. There are a few of these shows that are any good. The rest are just plain garbage. I mean, come on! Flavor of Love?! Its trash. He's supposedly looking for the love of his life...every season. The Bachelor? The Bachlorette? Junk.
I have a great idea for a Reality TV series. Lock seven people in a rooms with TV's that show nothing but reality crap and see how long it takes before they kill each other.
I'll call it The Real World : Murder Box.

Its TV like this that makes me thankful for Playstation, XBox, books, an outdoors, etc. Who's up for a game of Halo 3?


Skew said...

The Yankees were playing the Cardinals during Spring training- HALO 3, that is. Seriously! They hooked up their network and had tournaments.

Getting back to the topic on hand, reality TV may be a fad, but producers are seeing how CHEAP it costs to make shows like this. The future seems to be more interactive and "real" TV shows. Even CNN has been doing this.

Ultimately, it stinks, which is why I watch old movies and old TV shows on DVD, youtube, or Netflix.

R.A.W. said...

the people on reality tv shows are some of the least "real" people ive seen.
just shallow wannabe actor and model types.
thats why i dont watch this crap either.

plus the news media shouldnt talk about these shows and report them on the news as if they are relevant future historical events.
how silly the media has become.

i got rid of my cable a while back and because of being able to get almost any show i want over the net, i dont miss tv at all.

it was just another bill to pay.